Our mission is to provide local communities access to quality food through entrepreneurship and economic opportunities!

Our social programs:

  • Sourcing from local fisherfolks and farmers

  • Creation of Livelihoods

  • Access to capital 

  • Access to market

The sales of  BONAMÍ's premium products sustain both the company's growth and social programs.

We create these social programs with local partners to make sure that our actions

  take into account  each community unique social, economical and environmental context

and that we drive positive change that lasts.

We first assess the needs, skills and wishes of the communities in order to design a solution that fits their situation

and not the one we think is best for them.

We then initiate the most relevant program and integrate the result in our value chain to create

a virtuous circle of growth and development.

As volunteers on the field aside of our work, we listen, understand and closely know the people we support.

We source locally 

Dumulog Fisher folk - Roxas City, Capiz

Program: We exclusively source our main raw materials from local suppliers.

Best case: We source our anchovies from Lormy (in pink). She is part of the fishermen communities of  Dumulog, Roxas City, located less than 2 miles away from our processing plant. 

Our partnership allows her to expand her activity, improve her infrastructure, and increase her quality of life of her employee as well as her community.

By supporting this local economy, we also make sure that our activity doesn't use raw materials coming from illegal industrial fishing.

Other local suppliers: Estancia fisher folk, local markets

Partner: Department of Science and Technology

Creation of Livelihoods

Chili plantation - Dinginan, Capiz

Program: We  empower communities through entrepreneurship by initiating economic activities in local villages that need it.

Best case: Vilma, on the second picture, is part of the 5 mothers that handle a chili plantation initiated within Dinginan Gawad Kalinga village. We provide them with capital, infrastructures, BONAMÍ's chili seeds while working hand in hand with them to make it happen. After 6 months, they own a 100% of the activity and we purchase their production to secure their income.

We also employ a sales representative from this village.

Other best cases: Soap making, sprout plantation

Partner: Gawad Kalinga Capiz

Access to Capital

Julieta's duck farm

Program: We have created a partnership with a micro-credit foundation to provide  the communities access to capital with the lowest interest rate and no collateral. We act as a middle man between micro-credits institutions and people from the communities who want to kick-start their business. 

Best case:  Julieta, on the right, used micro-credit to raise ducks. She paid it back in only 3 months and is now diversifying her activity by growing and selling chili.

Other best cases: Rubber shoes maker, oyster farmers, rice seller, fisher folks,  restaurant, teachers, printer , and more.

Partner: Hublag Capiznon

Total loaned so far: $12,000 to 27 people

Access to Market

Tay Pascual's Bamboo figures

Program: We help local talents access to market by providing their work visibility and selling channels.

Best Case: These bamboo figures are hand-woven by ‘Tay Pascual and its family. They are the only artisans who know to weave bamboo this way. We help him access the market with our own designs to develop his activity and keep this amazing Filipino crafts and know-how alive!

Other best cases: Local painter, key chains


Number of bamboo figures sold: 120+