Gourmet seafood products with a social impact!

We produce and sell natural, nutritious and gourmet products to provide local communities in the Philippines access to quality food.


Indulging yourself  is helping others!

Enjoy our selection of delightful selection of seafood sauces, ready-to-eat appetizers, and condiments.

Proudly Filipino, with a little French touch!

We develop our social programs with local partners to fit the needs, skills and wishes of the local communities.

We are a social enterprise first

And we're so proud!

We use 20% of our profit to develop social programs within the communities: local sourcing, livelihood creation, access to capital, access to market and more.

Everything is made in Capíz

We produce and sell world class gourmet products made according to the fusion of our families'​ recipes. Our products are infused with a unique blend of French and Filipino ingredients which perfectly pleases different palates around the world.

A Filipino & French Collaboration

The brand name BONAMÍ is a play on words between "BON AMI"​ which means "good friend"​ in French, and “B! NAMÍ” which means "Wow! Delicious"​ in Hiligaynon, the language spoken in Capiz and Western Visayas.


“It’s truly an amazing product! The flavors are like no other, so tasty! 

Chef Lisa Pucci Delgado

_This Dish is made with Bon Ami! Poached

“The spicy kick doesn't linger and I keep coming to the jar again and again!”

Maria Garcia, Consumer

The daily BONAMÍ recipes

Discover how to cook with our BONAMÍ products everyday, through elaborate or easy and quick recipes.

Come visit us!

You can also buy our products at our physical retailers across the country !


Join the family!

Our mission is to provide local communities access to quality food through business creation and economic opportunities.

Gourmet seafood products with a social impact 100% made in the Philippines.

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