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Premium sea-taste coming to your plate. Gourmet food-enhancer and ready-to-eat appetizers.

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100% sourced from local communities

100% high-quality raw materials

100% natural, gourmet, nutritious


On top of that 20% of our profit goes to the communities through our social programs!

Scallops and Shrimp

in Chili Garlic Oil

Food-Enhancer and Best Seller!

Food-Enhancer: It enhances the taste of your favorite dishes with a delicate sea-food taste and a flavorful spicy kick.

Our chef selects the best and freshest ingredients to cook this sea-food concoction on low fire for 8 hours long.

Be ready to taste the sea-breeze from Capiz and to adopt a new every-day must have!

How to use: Delicately mix it with rice, pasta, fish, soup, pancit, ramens, and virtually anything you want to enhance.

You can also use it as toppings for pizzas or crackers.


Ingredients: Shrimp,scallops, canola oil, chili, onion, garlic, salt, pepper.

Our products are perfect to cook delicious quick or elaborate meals!

Ready-to-eat appetizers

Appetizers or ingredients for recipes, your choice!

Our ready-to-eat appetizers are the perfect combination between nutritious, natural and gourmet snacks and ingredients that can be used into simple or elaborate recipes! Here are our different products:

  • Royal Squid Rings

  • Calamari Supreme - Sweet and Spicy

  • Great Fried Anchovies - Sweet and Spicy

  • Great Red Wine Anchovies - Sweet and Spicy

How to use: Eat them straight from the bottle as a snack, alone or with friends, or use them as a source of protein and flavor for pasta, rice, pizzas, soup, and more.

Our gourmet ready-to-eat appetizers can be eaten as natural, nutritious snacks, or used as ingredients for easy or elaborated recipes!

'Tay Pascual's

bamboo figures

Hand-crafted in Panay 

Choose the perfect bamboo figure to decorate your place or to offer to your loved ones. Choose among "BONAMÍ Chef  and his Friends" line of bamboo figures that you can see on the right.

Would you like a specific design and size?

Everything is possible!


For any order or inquiries, please contact us.

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