Buy our gourmet seafood delicacies from Capiz!

We produce and sell natural, nutritious and gourmet products to support the development of local communities in the Philippines. 

Art from local talents!

As part of our social mission, we provide local talents access to our distribution networks. 

'Tay Pascual's

bamboo figures

Hand-crafted in Panay 

Choose the perfect bamboo figure to decorate your place or to offer to your loved ones. Choose among "BONAMÍ Chef  and his Friends" line of bamboo figures that you can see on the right.

Would you like a specific design and size? Everything is possible!


You can also buy our products at our physical retailers across the country !


Where our delicious products are from

We source our main raw materials from local fishermen and farmers. This allows us to support local economies while enjoying  high-quality raw materials. For instance, our sea-food comes from open sea and not from farms. We also source certain raw materials, such as chili, from the villages in which we initiated a livelihood.

Cook with BONAMÍ

Find out how our delightful BONAMI products can be used to enhance your day to day meals and bring incredible flavor to your recipes. Share with friends and family!

Cook everything with BONAMÍ!

Our products can be use to enhance every meal to which you want to add a nice and delicious spicy seafood kick. You can also eat our appetizers straight from the bottle!

Gourmet seafood products with a social impact 100% made in the Philippines.

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