Calamari Supreme - Sweet and Spicy


Calamari Supreme - Sweet and Spicy

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    Ready-to-eat appetizer or recipe ingredient: ALL natual, no preservatives. We select the best and freshed squids and cook them with our famous sweet and spicy sauce. It is the perfect nutritious, natural and gourmet snacks and ingredients to share a great time with your friends, family and loved ones!

    How to use: Eat them straight from the bottle as a snack, alone or with friends, or use them as a source of protein and flavor for pasta, rice, pizzas, soup, and more.

    Ingredients: Squid, sugar, vinegar, chili, salt, pepper.


    20% of our profits finace the development the local communities through our social programs.


    Only in the Philippines.

Gourmet seafood products with a social impact 100% made in the Philippines.

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