Step 1: We source all our raw materials from local suppliers

Local Fishermen

and Farmers

Local economies & high-quality products

We source our main raw materials from local fishermen and farmers. This allows us to support local economies while enjoying  high-quality raw materials. For instance, our sea-food comes from open sea and not from farms. 

We also source certain raw materials, such as chili, from the villages in which we initiated a livelihood.


Doing so, we enhance transparency and traceability of all our ingredients to make sure we provide you with the best flavors of our region.

Step 2: We transform them into high-quality products within our own processing plant

In-house processing

We process our products ourselves!

By having our own processing plant, supported by the ​Department of Science and Technology, we control the process from A to Z to make freshness, quality and taste a priority.

Integrating this step in our model also allows us to hire people from the community and create economic opportunities locally.

Step 3: As a premium brand, we target high-end consumers to 

sustain both our growth and our social programs

Premium products

for high-end markets

Sustaining both our impact & growth

We distribute our products in prime locations to offer our products to people who put both food quality and social impact first. Our customers care and share, and are ready to take part in the solution by purchasing and enjoying our gourmet products from Capiz!

We invest 20% of our profit as well as time and energy into our social programs! 

Step 4: We empower the communities through social programs, entrepreneurial initiatives and key partnerships on the field.


local communities

We develop our social programs

around needs, skills and wishes!

In order to support ecosystems that create long term economic and social viability, we assess, before initiating any programs, the needs, skills and wishes of the local communities in partnership with local partners. 

We empower the communities as the central force of development so that they will not rely on donations and outside help in the future. 

Our social programs:

  • Support of local economies

  • Access to capital 

  • Access to market

  • Creation of Livelihood 

Step 5: We  integrate the social programs that we develop into our value chain so that the people benefiting from them will grow as we grow.